Reflections From My True Self

Remembering Who I Really Am


Reiki Masters

Reiki is the powerful, magical energy that has helped me clear the clouds of misunderstanding and doubt, allowing me to recognize myself for who I am. Reiki has eased me gently, slowly, but certainly and definitely, back into my center. This energy that has been so powerfully present in my life for so long, has soothed me and restored me when I felt broken, empowered and fortified me as I step forward, and has continually inspired me to follow my Path.

Today, new souls are being called to become Reiki Masters. With my eyes closed, I can see their attunement is a strong flame in a darkened space, the wicks of their souls catching fire and shining blindingly bright, throwing their light across the floor and far into the horizon, illuminating all that surrounds them.

I am moved, almost to tears, at the thought of the step these beautiful souls are taking, at the courage they show, at their willingness to open themselves further, and their generosity in shining more brightly than they can imagine upon the rest of us. I am moved at the thought that I have the great fortune to be the one to midwife this process for them.  I am filled with gratitude for them, for the honor they bestow upon me, and for the power and beauty of Reiki.


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Concerted Action

I recently attended a fascinating workshop on Spiritual Activism that activated my passion for uniting my spiritual practices with action in the physical world. Unfortunately, part of the workshop was about the terrible harm we are doing one another and the world, really inviting me to look at the Shadow again. That, coupled with my dismay over the travesty of Haiti, pushed me into a familiar and paralyzing place of fear. It has taken me three days to remember who I am and what I know.

So, this morning, how grateful I am to find myself in my daily practice of chanting the Reiki Principles and knowing, deeply, in my entire being that by following them I can give the best of myself.

“Just for today I do not worry, for I am Faith,” I chant. And I realize that all the worry, all the spinning of my wheels only scatters my energy and impedes concerted action on my part.

“Just for today I live my life and do my work with integrity, for I am Integrity.” With compact energy and faith I can find the necessary clarity and strength to take effective, concerted action where I can make the biggest difference, where my contribution can best be used.

It is easy to continue chanting: “Just for today, I give thanks for my every blessing, for I am Gratitude.”