Reflections From My True Self

Remembering Who I Really Am

Focus and Clarity Remembered

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There is always so much that absorbs my attention, my time and my energy. There is so much that I feel responsible for, there is so much I feel I have to take care of. And then there’s what I would like to get to, when there’s time. I sometimes find myself stealing time from rest at night, and giving in to the temptation to feel stress about doing things that are supposed to be healthy, like exercising! It’s no wonder I should feel exhausted or depleted when I am on that treadmill!

That is why it is so important to me to take time to be present to my Self, to what is truest, deepest, most essential to me. Then I can easily remember what really does require my energy and time, and I can make conscious choices about what I attend to.

How do I do that? By going silent, and within. I sit where I feel safe and where I will not be interrupted. Today, it is on a boulder, at the shores of Lake Michigan. I sit in reflection and focus first on the exterior. I close my eyes and listen to the waves rolling rhythmically, the gulls screeching, a mother calling in the distance, and the birds chattering just above me. I feel the warm sunlight on the back of my neck and the cold of the boulder I sit on, spreading through my clothes to my skin. I smell earth, water, wildflowers blooming.

Then I turn my focus to my body, to the slight tension in between my shoulder blades, the resting sensation in my loosely clasped hands, to breeze on skin and gentle rumbling in my stomach.  I rest my awareness on my thoughts: my to-do list running actively in the background, consciousness that these thoughts could become a blog post, sadness for a rushed goodbye from the kids this morning, excitement about being outside.

I let my thoughts drift, and move my awareness to Essence, to Truth, to Presence. It is an energy that first comes into my consciousness from my heart. That energy of deepest, truest, most essential Self magnetizes my other energies with my attention, it shifts my overall vibrations higher, and, as I rest in it, everything is clearer. When I ask where to put my focus, when I ask what is attempting to become manifest through me, there is a matter-of-fact knowing, a recognition, a remembering.

And with that, when I return from the deep within to the physical surface, peace is possible in the rest of my day.


Author: Andrea Friedmann

I am an intuitive Life Coach at, helping women who feel stuck, lost, and stressed, in their business or their personal life, to reconnect to who they really are, so they can build a life they thrive in. My clients want to feel confident, energized, and excited by their life again! What makes me different is that I developed a process that combines coaching, spirituality, and energy work and, with it, my clients quickly get rid of anxiety, change the underlying, limiting beliefs that keep them stuck and stressed, and discover they have what they need to thrive!

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