Reflections From My True Self

Remembering Who I Really Am


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When I stop to consider, I realize how much time I spend, mindlessly, observing what I find lacking: not enough time, not enough connection, the fire alarm needs a change of batteries, that recipe didn’t work last time, we don’t have eggs…

Today, even in the midst of receiving paifnul news of dear friends, I receive a gift, a moment of grace. A moment full of the same quiet stillness that comes just after the snow, before any tracks are laid in the drifts. It is a moment to know sheer perfection, with the certainty of knowing my own hands. Perfection in the light, luminous fog brushing up to my window; in the brilliance of the cardinal, his song, his usual branch; perfection in the voices of my children, bickering, downstairs; perfection in the arch of circumstances and our ability to face them, and come to know ourselves as we do.

I am humbled, and overcome with gratitude for this gift, and my heart no longer fits within my chest.



Author: Andrea Friedmann

I am an intuitive Life Coach at, helping women who feel stuck, lost, and stressed, in their business or their personal life, to reconnect to who they really are, so they can build a life they thrive in. My clients want to feel confident, energized, and excited by their life again! What makes me different is that I developed a process that combines coaching, spirituality, and energy work and, with it, my clients quickly get rid of anxiety, change the underlying, limiting beliefs that keep them stuck and stressed, and discover they have what they need to thrive!

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